Galloping Goose Downhill Ride

Trip Description:  The “Goose” features 17-miles of flowing, single-track riding. The trail is almost all downhill and always amid spectacular mountain vistas.

The ride begins at the 10,222’ summit of Lizard Head Pass and follows historic path of the Galloping Goose railway. The path was once home to the famous narrow-gauge railroad connecting Telluride with Durango.  Dropping gently down from the pass, the route circles two beautiful lakes before descending into the Ilium Valley. The trail traverses beneath scenic 500’ tall cliffs of the Ames Wall. Numerous artifacts of the area’s historic mining days line the route. We’ll make a few stops for photos and snacks along the way. The spectacular ride culminates along the South Fork of the San Miguel river, deep in the Ilium Valley, where we’ll have refreshments before heading back to Telluride.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider, the scenery and potential of this trail are hard to beat. Galloping Goose is suitable for families aged 10 and up, as well as group rides.

Price:  $135 per person, with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 12.

Please note that we do require a minimum of three riders, but these trips often book at the last minute.  If you book this trip ahead of time, we will notify your at least 48 hours before your planned departure date, if it looks like we won’t have a sufficient number of riders to discuss options.

Custom Guided Rides

TelluRiders is permitted on a number of great trails around Telluride, and for the adventurous, we’ll put together a full or half-day of riding that connects every level of rider, from the first-time family, to the seasoned single-track charger with their perfect local trails.  Some of the most spectacular local rides we can take you on include:

Alta Lakes Ride

Alta Lakes offers some of the most stunning terrain in the Telluride area, and presents fun challenges for the experienced, single-track rider.  We start near the Alta Lakes ghost town, at an elevation of about 11,000’.  Soaring, craggy ridges ascend above us to the summit of Palmyra Peak, almost a half mile above.

The trails descend through a mix of tall coniferous forest, open meadows full of verdant ferns and glades of aspen trees.  This is true single track, with flowy, rolling sections and a few short, steep climbs.  It is absolutely beautiful country and super fun riding!

Thunder Trails Ride

The Thunder Trails, located outside of the rural community of Norwood, Colorado offer some diverse multi-use single and “two-track” riding that can accommodate bikers of all abilities.  This is a new trail system for riders in the Telluride and San Miguel County region, completed by our local US Forest Service in 2014.

The Thunder Trails are comprised of four interconnected loops of single and “double-track” that are linked together to provide 19 miles of fun riding!  The east-side loops are more flowing, following mellower terrain through Ponderosa forest and open meadows.  The western side is more technical, with some tricky, rocky sections as the trail follows the rim of the San Miguel Canyon.

Mill and Deep Creek Rides

For the technically proficient and fit rider, we offer some fun, challenging rides, such as the Mill and Deep Creek trails.  Both involve steep climbs as well as rooty and rocky singletrack.  These are not for the inexperienced or for anyone who is not a fit, strong rider.  If you are – you’ll find some truly great riding along the mountainsides above Telluride!


Please prepare accordingly for the effects of altitude before your bike trip. Telluride itself is situated at nearly 9,000′, and most of our rides take place at even higher elevations. Bikers should drink more water than usual on the days leading up to their trip and alert their guide if they are feeling nauseous or light-headed. Mountain biking is inherently a high-impact and dangerous activity. Bikers should assume a certain level of risk. TelluRiders guides will do their best to mitigate the risk level and respond to any emergencies that occur on the trail. Prospective bikers should have a reasonable level of physical fitness.

What’s Included

The trip price includes shuttle service from downtown Telluride, as well as top of the line, full-suspension mountain bike, helmet, gloves, snacks, refreshments and our knowledgeable and experienced guides. Lunch is also included on full-day mountain biking trips.

Personal Gear (Biker must bring)

We ask that all bikers come prepared. Please bring your own closed-toed athletic shoes, a waterproof rain jacket or shell, sunglasses, sunscreen and breathable, athletic clothing.

Optional/recommended: We also recommend bike shorts, a small daypack, hydration system, camera, extra snacks and clothing layers appropriate for weather conditions.


The Galloping Goose Ride and the Custom Half-Day Mountain Biking take around 4.5 hours. The trips can take place in either the morning or afternoon. Morning trips have a pick-up time at 8:30 am. Afternoon trips meet at 1:30 pm. Full-day Thunder Trail rides take approximately 8 hours, with a morning pick-up time of 8:30 am.

Please meet us in downtown Telluride at Box Canyon Bicycles before your ride.


TelluRiders, LLC is a permittee of the Uncompahgre District of the United States Forest Service.