This place is more than just a ski hill and beautiful mountain town.

Telluride is a mindset, a feeling and a way of life.  The scenic mountains and trails surrounding Telluride provide the canvas for you to paint your personal version of adventure.  World-renowned for its ski resort, Telluride also boasts access to year-round recreation. Summertime visitors can take advantage of the plentiful alpine lakes, a thriving arts community, rock climbing, and of course, epic alpine mountain biking.

The mountain biking in the area spans a large spectrum, from fun, mellow trails for families and beginners, to rocky, technical single-track riding.

Our town is nestled in a box canyon on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains. The vistas look out towards the desert or up at 13,000 and 14,000 foot tall peaks.  Telluride is the perfect Base Camp for many lifetimes worth of adventure and it’s all accessible from our doorstep.

We would love to share some with you!